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I took Nikki’s labor, birth, and breastfeeding class with my wife. The class was very informative and since it was a personal class, we could ask a great deal of questions about things that otherwise we might be uncomfortable asking in front of other people. Nikki supports a holistic approach to birth but also understands the benefits of western medicine and the necessity at times of hospitals, obstetricians, etc.

She helped us to talk through a basic birthing plan and is able to provide a breastfeeding follow-up at a later date when the baby is born. Overall, I think the money we spent for this consultation was well spent. Nikki is also just a super nice person who you can be totally comfortable with and you know she is being real with you at all times.

Joshua A., Yelp Review

Nikki Brewer has been working out with me to rehabilitate my back for the last 6 months and in that time she has helped me tremendously. Because of the success that I myself have had with Nikki, she now works with multiple family members of mine and I know that they are having the same great results as I have had. Nikki has exceeded my expectations and has been absolutely wonderful to work with.

– Hal J. Earnhardt III

Being a beginner to yoga and attending a few studios, Ha Yoga by far is my favorite! The owner Nikki created an amazing energy for her place. Calm, comfortable and very welcoming especially if you’re new to yoga. Nikki, Nicole and Charlie are great instructor! Providing everyone with a strong yet enjoyable flow, these ladies and gentelman never send you through the exact same routine, which I love! Not to mention the prices are great for a valley yoga studio.

– Daniel A., Yelp Review

I took a few yoga classes in college but hadn’t done it since, so I was looking for a beginner level class that was still challenging. I was so glad I found Nikki’s Tuesday night class. It’s the perfect balance of beginner and slightly intermediate yoga, but the environment is so comfortable that you don’t feel stupid or defeated if you can’t perform a certain pose. There are also a variety of yoga classes you can choose from–flow, heated, advanced, pregnancy yoga. Nikki’s been teaching for years and really knows her stuff when it comes to yoga, so I highly recommend this studio.

Farrah P., Yelp Review

Prenatal yoga classes taught at Ha Yoga were great! Nikki the owner of the studio teaches the prenatal and really connects with each students needs. Nikki has a realistic approach to pregnancy and birth. I plan on attending her labor and birth classes along with breast feeding class that she offers privately. I am very happy to have found Ha Yoga!

– Crystal P., Yelp Review

This isn’t your typical yoga studio.  The owner Nikki is an incredible teacher!  The studio is small enough that the instructors can give you one on one attention.  They offer a variety of different classes from flow, yin, to pre-natal!  And Nikki plays Neil Young and Otis Redding, instead of the typical “sounds of the yogi” soundtrack.  Good people, good vibe, GREAT deals on classes at the moment (hint hint: groupon).  SO stoked I found this place :)

– Kate M., Yelp Review

I have been taking prenatal yoga classes with Nikki since my first trimester. I truly enjoyed each class. Nikki is very good about adapting to each persons individual abilities. She made me feel very comfortable even though I don’t consider myself to be very confident in yoga. I recently gave birth to my beautiful boy but I plan on continuing yoga as soon as I get back on my feet. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for an amazing instructor and a spiritual pregnancy!

– Shayna L., Yelp Review

Pregnant ladies, this is the prenatal class you’ve been looking for! Nikki is extremely skilled at creating a safe, comfortable practice for all stages of pregnancy. I credit practicing with Nikki from my first trimester to 38 weeks to having a quick 4 hour labor and delivering a healthy 8 lb 13 oz baby boy! Nikki also offers breastfeeding classes and her instruction made that first week of nursing so much easier and she even followed up with me after I was discharged from the hospital to ensure breastfeeding was successful. Treat your body and your baby to a class with Nikki – you will not be sorry!

Sammy W., Yelp Review

I took the prenatal yoga classes offered here and had a wonderful experience!  Nikki is extremely knowledgeable about all stages of pregnancy, and puts together a class that will help you stay strong and healthy no matter what trimester you are in.  I practiced with her from the beginning of my second trimester all the way until I delivered, and even took a birthing class with her.  She has taught me so much, and I really loved going to prenatal yoga each week.  The studio has a very chill vibe and the classes are not overcrowded, so you get a really personalized experience every time you go.  I plan to resume my yoga practice at Ha as soon as I’m cleared for physical activity.  Could not recommend this place and Nikki highly enough!

Lynn M., Yelp Review

I am so glad I found this place. The studio, people and instructors are all wonderful! I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for a couple of years and this studio by far is the most enjoyable I’ve come across in the valley. They even have pre-natal classes!!!

– Rachel R., Yelp Review

I *love* this place! Nikki, the owner, is one of the best instructors I have ever practiced with. She has such an amazing energy, and is second to none at making the most inexperienced yogi feel comfortable and confident  while at the same time ensuring that the more experienced yogis are guided through a challenging and fun practice. Ha opened recently (January 2013), but Nikki and the other instructors bring years of experience in a wide range of yoga styles to this intimate studio. Classes range from yin/restorative and prenatal to heated, power, and jivumukti yoga, and the quality of the classes is not at all sacrificed for the quantity of offerings. The classes I have attended all strike the perfect balance of giving you a great, challenging, FUN workout while allowing you to explore and experience the deeper principles of yoga.

Drop-in prices are on par with other studios in Tempe (even a bit lower), and the class packages available for purchase are **screaming** deals ($65 monthly for unlimited yoga in Tempe? Unheard of!).  I really can’t recommend this place enough! Just go once–you will be back!

Krista L., Yelp Review

Love it! I’ve only done the heated flow class but it’s really amazing and a great environment. Bring a towel!

Lerys D., Yelp Review

I didn’t start regularly attending Nikki’s prenatal yoga classes until the later half of my pregnancy… I so wish I would have started sooner!  Her class not only kept my body in shape during those difficult last few weeks of pregnancy… But her humor and prenatal experience kept my mind and heart and attitude in shape as well.  I would strongly recommend this class to all mommas-to-be…

– Betsy Thomas

I first started going to HA yoga through a groupon special, and I immediately felt at ease and welcomed. I was worried that I would feel out of place and awkward being a guy in a yoga studio, but Nikki is very approachable and an amazing teacher.  I didn’t hesitate to sign up as a regular member once my groupon expired, and now the studio is always part of my weekly routine. Nikki knows everyone by name and genuinely cares about everyone who comes to class.  I love that each class is slightly different and the right combination of challenging and relaxing. Plus, the music is never boring!!

– Mark Shelly

I was extremely fortunate to find HA’s Prenatal yoga class at the beginning of my 2nd trimester.  Nikki was a wealth of knowledge and support through out the remainder of my  pregnancy.  She not only did her best to physically prepare for the birth of my son, but also helped me mentally and emotionally by overcoming my fears and anxieties about labor and delivery.  Throughout my labor I could hear her advise in the back of my mind reminding me to focus on my breath, let go and listen to my body.  I was able to achieve my goal of a natural, peaceful and beautiful home birth and I truly believe that I could not have done it with out Nikki’s continued encouragement and guidance.
HA’s Mommy and Me yoga class has been the highlight of my week since my son was about 6 weeks.  Nikki has created a wonderful place for mothers to come together and support one another as we journey through the world of motherhood.  I love having a place I can take my baby where he can interact with other babies while I get to work on myself physically, mentally and emotionally in a supportive, relaxed environment.
– Alissa Hillman
I look forward to Adams class every week. It has the perfect mesh of  practices and is always different, so I never know what to expect. Adams verbal cues for adjustments are incredibly helpful and spot on and if you are open to them , his physical adjustments are phenomenal(he has helped me get into poses I never thought were possible for my body). Whether your new to yoga or a seasoned yogi this is the class that you should be your Monday regular.
– Kim