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Laurie McGill

Laurie McGill started practicing yoga in 1999 when she saw the remarkable way that a dedicated yoga practice changed​ a loved one’s life. She ​is​ intrigued by the power that yoga has to help people realize their own potential. In 2012, Laurie took her 200 hour Teacher Training at Inner Vision Yoga where she learned about many different styles of yoga practice. As a hiker, a biker, and an avid yoga practitioner, Laurie has a love of and penchant for strength-building yoga styles, but has recently discovered that through group practices at all levels, people have the power to heal, encourage, and uplift each other in a way that creates a kinder, gentler, more compassionate world. Laurie’s classes are geared towards bringing people into a non-judgmental space where the knitting together of individual intentions cultivates greater well-being for the whole. She loves the way the concentrated energy in a room full of yogis creates harmony and peace and she carries this energy with her always longing to share it with the world.