1940 E University Drive, Tempe AZ 85281 (480) 406-2143

Adam Maielua

“A healthy and happy lifestyle is practicing self-love and treating ourselves how we deserve to be honored. This is my addiction and my work.”

Born in Seoul, Korea, Adam spent early childhood traveling the Pacific Rim with his military family before settling in the states and following the path of Gen-X’ers. He obtained three college degrees while launching his career in corporate America. From finance to pharmaceuticals, Adam worked for over a decade without losing focus of his passions. Overlapping this period is almost 20 years of studying, practicing, and teaching every facet of fitness and nutrition he could grasp to feed his fascination for health and wellness. Then came his leap of faith.

Leaving behind a world of measurement of and obtainment, Adam now spends his days fostering environments to promote self-awareness and encourage self-change. Not because people need to improve themselves, but because we have the ability and the right to be enriched and to be happy. Through various methods he educates by sharing what he’s learned – both what he got right, but mostly what he got wrong. We may or may not learn anything from Adam, but a least we get to share his energy and enthusiasm for life.