Ha Yoga Studio

Ha Yoga Studio in Tempe is an intimate yoga studio that allows you to practice finding mental clarity and physical self-expression. Through our wide variety of yoga classes offered throughout the week, we work to achieve a soothing and relaxing practice for your mind and body. We strive to strengthen ourselves but remind students that yoga is not a competition, but a peaceful practice.

At Ha Yoga, we have small class sizes in order to give you a more personalized yoga experience. Students will be able to receive alignment and adjustment benefits that are sometimes passed up in larger classes.

In a Harvard case study, yoga has proved to aid in helping your stress response systems, depression, anxiety, energy levels, and well-being. The same study revealed results that 50% of people who struggled with depression had improved in some way, and 30% of the people with anxiety had improved in some way. At Ha Yoga and Life Studio, we practice the physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation that may help improve your overall well-being.

Yoga Classes Offered:

Our studio has a bathroom/changing room, a place for your personal belongings, and yoga equipment to help aid you in your practice. We ask that attendees please arrive to class 5 minutes before we begin in order to not disrupt the practice of others. Shoes and stress can be left at the door!

Yoga is a moving meditation. Your breath is your life force. At our yoga studio, you will learn through traditional asanas to open your internal eye and meet your true self. Together we share, learn, and grow within the physical and mental benefits yoga brings upon us.

Ha Yoga and Life studio is located at 1940 University, Tempe AZ 85281, close to the ASU Tempe, AZ campus. It is conveniently located near Tempe Marketplace and accessible by bike, bus, car, and lightrail. There is plenty of parking available.

See you on the mat!