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The mission of Ha Yoga is to create a serene, healing, and transformational yoga environment where students can come together and take part in a non-violent practice. We believe that each and every student has different needs, and we strive to work with each individual to give them the support they need. Our goal is for students to come together and practice in a positive, enlightening, and fun experience while improving breath, strength, and flexibility through the art of yoga.

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Sooo~ This fucking guy..... “The father of obstetrics “ J.Marion Sims performed obstetric/gynecological procedures/experiments with no anesthesia ~unmedicated~on black slave women. He tortured them. This is not new information. But rarely do you hear about it! I spent some time chatting yesterday w my friend @foodieheartflutters discussing the overwhelming statistics regarding #womenofcolor and birth. Women of color are 4-10 times more likely to die during birth or postpartum. Infants of color are 3–4 times more likely to die during birth or postpartum. The statistics did not show it was due to lack of access for healthcare or economics. Some would say this is from epigenetic inheritance. I personally agree that healthcare, economics are also factors of epigenetic inheritance. After my conversation with my friend I knew this morning I would be posting regarding this~ ironically last night skimming through IG I was happily surprised to find on my friend @samhugg page the update that Dr.Sims statue in Central Park will be taken down. There are so many layers to this. Brass tacks ~ we need to look at our past~ deeply. Our #blackwomen are still being over looked. It infuriates me that this will be news to most of you. I don’t have the answers but I am working locally to make a change. Look at these photos ~ really look at them. Yeah this shit really went down. This white supremacy is still affecting our #sistersofcolor #blackwomenmatter #blackbabiesmatter #womenofcolor #tearthatshitdown @ Ha Yoga and Life Studio
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More About Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is an ancient Indian system of harmonizing mind and body. Translated from the Sanskrit word “hatha” means power, force or necessity. The syllable “ha” symbolizes the sun, and the syllable “tha” – the moon. So, the main task of hatha yoga is the balance of organism between the sun and the moon, activity and relaxation. Hatha yoga seeks for achievement the peace of mind, harmony of body, spirit and environment. This practice of self-culture harmonizes and strengthens individual at all levels – from body to mind, even more “spiritual” energy components. Hatha yoga consists of asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), concentration, meditation (relaxation), shatkarma (cleansing techniques). This kind of “philosophy of the body” works with consciousness and energy of man comes through work with the body and its progress. Ethical principles of hatha yoga are described in the first two stages – yama and niyama.