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We Are Ha Yoga

The mission of Ha Yoga is to create a serene, healing, and transformational yoga environment where students can come together and take part in a non-violent practice. We believe that each and every student has different needs, and we strive to work with each individual to give them the support they need. Our goal is for students to come together and practice in a positive, enlightening, and fun experience while improving breath, strength, and flexibility through the art of yoga.

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4 years ago at a #dharmapunx meditation in LA on New Year's Eve - I set a(an?) intention to create a community space for #healers #yogis #monk #doula #gypsy of all kinds. My intimate studio makes me so happy. I love what I get to do everyday. My intention and ongoing prayers reach the open hearts around here in #tempe I never imagined in my 20's when I was partyin at The Big Fish Pub I would have an #energetic Studio 2 spots down. All you Tempe peeps know what I am talkin about 😂. This little studio brings in the healers/ the knowing/ the guides/. These 2 souls I have know many lifetimes- and I am so grateful to have had the last few years w them- I love when they show up on the same night. 🙌 Magic up in this MO-FO tonight🔮 Pranava Lad. Luanne Rohrbacker. ... See MoreSee Less

More About Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is an ancient Indian system of harmonizing mind and body. Translated from the Sanskrit word “hatha” means power, force or necessity. The syllable “ha” symbolizes the sun, and the syllable “tha” – the moon. So, the main task of hatha yoga is the balance of organism between the sun and the moon, activity and relaxation. Hatha yoga seeks for achievement the peace of mind, harmony of body, spirit and environment. This practice of self-culture harmonizes and strengthens individual at all levels – from body to mind, even more “spiritual” energy components. Hatha yoga consists of asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), concentration, meditation (relaxation), shatkarma (cleansing techniques). This kind of “philosophy of the body” works with consciousness and energy of man comes through work with the body and its progress. Ethical principles of hatha yoga are described in the first two stages – yama and niyama.