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The mission of Ha Yoga is to create a serene, healing, and transformational yoga environment where students can come together and take part in a non-violent practice. We believe that each and every student has different needs, and we strive to work with each individual to give them the support they need. Our goal is for students to come together and practice in a positive, enlightening, and fun experience while improving breath, strength, and flexibility through the art of yoga.

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Ha Yoga and Life Studio shared The Good Love Project's event.


For all the ladies in the house! This is for you! This is for your soul! I look forward to seeing you all at the studio. When women come together our truths come out. Feel free to share the event. Feel free to invite any women. I will be leading a short breathing and movement and exercise.
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Sex and Chocolate: A Girls' Day In!

Feb 26, 2:00pm

Ha Yoga and Life Studio

Sex and Chocolate is a quarterly event curated to be fun, juicy, and enlightening... this is not your mom's sex ed (but you should totally bring her)! Curious about building a better relationship with your body or your partner? Have questions about pleasure, love, intimacy or desire? Join Sex Geek Katrina Rainsong and Doula/Yogini Nikki Brewer for an afternoon of wine, chocolate, and secret sharing! We'll dig into the spirit and science of sex and connection with fun activities and new topics: In February we're talking about: Understanding and Owning Our Desire - Before we can open our bodies our minds have to be ready, this is desire. We'll talk about how to create more space for intimacy in your life by discovering what needs to be turned off... and on! Then we'll discuss the importance of owning our desires and asking for what we want! Cost $20 prepay, $25 at the door Bring: Pen and notebook (if you're nerdy like, Kat) Wear comfy clothes. About your Facilitators: Katrina "Rainsong" Messenger is the founder of The Good Love Project and their resident "Sex Geek". She is a trained Life Coach, Doula and Red Tent Women's Circle Facilitator. Her writings on sex and body positivity have been published on AZBigMedia.com, Bustle.com and YourTango.com Nikki Brewer is the owner of and instructor at Ha Yoga and Life Studio, a badass Birth Doula and a champion for women's health and wellness! Next Event will be in May: Vaginal Health - The Care and Feeding of a Happy Yoni

More About Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is an ancient Indian system of harmonizing mind and body. Translated from the Sanskrit word “hatha” means power, force or necessity. The syllable “ha” symbolizes the sun, and the syllable “tha” – the moon. So, the main task of hatha yoga is the balance of organism between the sun and the moon, activity and relaxation. Hatha yoga seeks for achievement the peace of mind, harmony of body, spirit and environment. This practice of self-culture harmonizes and strengthens individual at all levels – from body to mind, even more “spiritual” energy components. Hatha yoga consists of asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), concentration, meditation (relaxation), shatkarma (cleansing techniques). This kind of “philosophy of the body” works with consciousness and energy of man comes through work with the body and its progress. Ethical principles of hatha yoga are described in the first two stages – yama and niyama.